Visual Graph is an image-analysis
development platform for photo-based
applications.  Our self-serve API is free for
non-commercial use.


Sample functions of our Visual Graph:

  1. face Face Detection, Recognition

    Add personalization to your photo collections (e.g. person tagging, person-identification, similar-face search).

  1. vs Product Recommendation

     Allow shoppers to discover "visually-similar" products based on their past browsing history.

  1. vs Visual Search

    Make your photo-content searchable, visually, in real-time, with mobile cameras.

  1. vs Pornography Filtering

    Sanitize crawled or user-uploaded photo collections on your website.  Keep it legal, keep it child-safe. 

Sample apps that use our Visual Graph:

  1. lookgraph

    Search for similar looking outfits based on your own images.