VisualGraph is now a part of Pinterest!!

Not all images are created equal:  while billions of photos are shared everyday, only a portion of them (e.g. arts & crafts, trending designs) has the potential to motivate, captivate and inspire large number of people.   If all the worlds' images were connected as a graph in some way, these would be the most special nodes.

Our mission at VisualGraph is to connect these inspirational images together.   While a single image can captivate and inspire, a network of connected images allows for inspiration, exploration and discovery at scale.   Our approach is to combine the state-of-the-art machine vision tools, such as object recognition (e.g. shoes, faces), with large-scale distributed search and machine learning infrastructures.

And today we couldn't be more excited to announce that we are joining Pinterest!

On Pinterest, millions of people are curating and sharing billions of Pins everyday.   And these Pins are more than just images -- they link to contents that can inspire and enrich people's lives.   We are excited for the opportunity to combine machine vision with human vision and curation, and to build a visual discovery experience that is both aesthetically appealing and immensely useful for people everywhere.

I like to thank the friends of Visualgraph -- Michael Yi Feng, Yupeng Liao, Zhipeng Wu, Sylvia Wang, Stephen Holiday, Henry Rowley, Shumeet Baluja, Steven Tse, Yugang Jing, and many others who have supported this effort.  Special thanks to David Wei Cai, who started the company with me and wrote some of the core code.

-- Kevin Jing
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